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Physical activity and frequent workouts involve a high consumption of sugars, water and mineral salts and an increase in oxidative stress with the consequent production of free radicals.
Running is a sport with a high plastic-energy expenditure that a correct diet is normally able to satisfy (more in this article).

It is true, however, that competitive athletes train with high frequency and do not always have the opportunity to ideally program the intervals between nutrition and training; moreover, during the competitive season they are inevitably subject to
considerable drops in athletic condition.

It may happen that food alone is not always able to compensate for these needs, as it is not available in a rapidly assimilable form.

For this reason, the athlete can resort to highly concentrated natural food supplements, able to quickly rebalance the functions and nutritional losses that the body undergoes during the effort.

Supplements should not be confused with either drugs or doping products.

However, they must be chosen intelligently and based on real physical needs.
Food supplementation, in fact, if used correctly and customized according to individual needs, together with will, spirit of sacrifice and hard training, represents an excellent resource to support performance.

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For those who practice running without any agonistic ambitions, food supplementation can be very simple and aimed at the sole objective of ensuring optimal energy performance during training.
For a non-competitive running enthusiast, it is important to start exercising with maximum glycogen reserves. It is therefore essential to have consumed a diet rich in carbohydrates.

Otherwise, using a complex carbohydrate supplement is ideal.

1 h before / Carbo Speed or Malto + Gel
2 scoops in 300 ml of water

The beginning of spring is characterized by the resumption of training, the regaining of an optimal physical condition and work aimed at improving one's level.

In the pre-competitive season, the athlete undergoes heavier work, aimed at recovering good muscle tone and weight. To this end, it will be appropriate to take a balanced and varied diet, rich in structural nutrients, vitamins and minerals, very useful for accelerating recovery and replenishing all the most important nutrients used during the effort.

The competitive activity of the runner normally includes a series of scheduled appointments, on average from 1 to 2 medium-distance races per month.

1h before / Carbo Speed or VO2
2 scoops in 300 ml of water

during / Reisprint or Malto + Gel
1 bag or 1,5 scoops or 1 gel every 90 'of work

30 'later / Friram
5 tablets

snack / Balance or Veggie
respectively 1.5 or 1 scoop in 200 ml of water
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