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  • Lactose Free
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How’s working?

● 72% Omega 3 fatty acids

● Cardiovascular protection

● Chronic inflammation adjuvant

Efa Blu is a food supplement with 72% polyunsaturated fatty acids from the Omega 3 series, with a minimum concentration of 60% in EPA and DHA (2:1 ratio) in the form of triglycerides, the most natural and bioavailable molecular form of fish oil.
It also contains Vitamin E and rosemary extract, known for their antioxidant properties. The chemical form of Omega 3 as a triglyceride rather than ethyl ester is the same as that present in nature; it seems that our organism has a greater capacity. to recognize and assimilate Omega 3 fatty acids as triglycerides.

Efa Blu contains “five-star quality” fish oil, obtained by steam treatment of fish, deodorized and purified by triple molecular distillation, so as to guarantee the complete absence of pesticides and heavy metals in the final product.


Today, Omega 3 are considered an important factor in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases; they are in fact effective in correcting a high concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, benefiting the cardiovascular system.

Omega 3 act as natural anti-inflammatories, and their action is useful in case of osteoarticular alterations and autoimmune diseases.


DHA in particular contributes to the growth and development of brain, neural structures and retina. It is a neurological support in depression and schizophrenia.


Efa Blu is available in soft gel capsules, a dosage form that guarantees immediate availability of its active ingredients.

Efa Blu is suggested as a supplement enriching the diet with Omega 3 fatty acids. It is highly effective in case of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as osteoarticular autoimmune disorders, or in case of memory deficits, to keep the nervous system and skin in good health. Efa Blue contributes also to the reduction of the painful symptoms of the pre-menstrual syndrome.

It is recommended to take usually 2 pearls per day, preferably after main meals.

Since no precise daily minimum requirement is established, the dose can be increased to 6 pearls per day at will.

Nutritional Info

SIZE 120 pearls of 1480 mg.

Fish Oil Concentrated (min. 60% EPA+DHA). Casing: Food jelly (bovine), Resistance agent: glycerol.

Fish Oil:
    Omega 3
2 g
800 mg
400 mg
120 mg

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