Sarcopenia: what it is and how to limit it

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Aging is associated with a general decline, in particular the decrease in lean muscle mass and strength, known as sarcopenia. The onset of this pathology can be partly countered with a healthy lifestyle, a correct and careful diet and also the use of specific natural supplements.

Inactivity and sedentary lifestyle accelerate muscle catabolism, favoring the predisposition to muscle injuries and lower repair capacity. This, over time, compromises the autonomy of the elderly.

Lean mass represents the metabolically active part of the body and uses oxygen to keep all vital functions active. The availability of oxygen becomes a determining factor for the health of the cells: the absence of oxygen causes inflammation, alteration and cell death.

Insufficient protein intake, as in a vicious circle, increases the extent of this process. A correct intake of proteins with the diet, distributed in 3 daily portions in the main meals, helps to counteract sarcopenia, keeps tissues and muscles vital and efficient, generating a benefit to the body that will be stronger and more energetic for longer.

Do you want to learn more about the meaning and functions of proteins? We have summarized some useful information in this article.

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