Protein and aminoacid supplements

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Dietary supplements of proteins and amino acids contain, in the form of powder or tablets, the same pure nutrients found in foods.

As indicated by the term, they have the purpose of "supplementing" and not replacing the power supply. In certain circumstances (eg. Malnutrition, irregular diet, increased physical activity, chronic fatigue) resorting to a food supplement can be practical and very effective. When produced with a strong focus on quality, these can be highly concentrated and available.

Among the protein powder supplements, there are excellent quality whey protein isolate and those deriving from vegetable sources, such as oats, hemp, rice, pea, soy. The latter are rich in isoflavones, compounds similar to female estrogens, used to decrease disorders related to menopause, and with a beneficial action on the prostate and in case of high cholesterol.

Why is it important to use a supplement?

  • To increase the nutritional quality of food, in case of a disordered diet and insufficient protein intake
  • To promote weight loss at the expense of fat mass
  • To improve muscle tone and strength, overall efficiency
  • To supplement a deficiency in essential amino acids
  • To counteract fatigue and chronic infections
  • To ensure a good protein intake in the elderly, essential for maintaining tissue plasticity
  • To counteract various pathologies including sarcopenia, rheumatic disorders, peripheral vascular disorders, depressive syndromes

Essential Amino Acid Supplements

A valid alternative to protein supplementation is represented by essential amino acids in free form (highly bioavailable) in the form of tablets, capsules and powder.

While the intake of powdered protein supplements causes a commitment to the digestive system, supplements based on free amino acids, naturally obtained by bio-fermentation, are immediately available for absorption.

Essential amino acids are important since the body is unable to synthesize them by itself. They must therefore be introduced daily with the diet. A free form essential amino acid supplement, prepared with high quality ingredients, has significant nutritional value, making it a valuable tool for health.

Properties of essential amino acid supplements

  • Very high nutritional value
  • Maximum digestibility and assimilation in about 20 minutes
  • Low calorie
  • Free from fat and sodium
  • Convenience (a single serving provides the same essential amino acid supply as 300-400g of meat, fish or poultry)

General rules for protein intake

Given the extreme variability about the ways of taking a protein and amino acid supplement, we still feel we have to dictate some good rules, certainly not to be understood with absolute rigor, but as guidelines, to use the supplements of your interest with better effectiveness. :

  • Protein should preferably be taken in snacks between main meals
  • Do not exceed the dose of 20-30g of protein at a time
  • To identify the correct amount to take, compare your needs with the proteins introduced with your diet (go to the article)
  • Dissolve the powders in water or low-fat milk in the quantities indicated on the packages, preferably using the shaker for a faster and more homogeneous dissolution of the product
  • It is advisable to take protein powders immediately, not to prepare them and consume them later

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