Protein requirement: what is it?

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It is of fundamental importance to introduce the right amount of protein in the diet every day, necessary to maintain good health. This amount is called protein requirement.

It is individual and it is complex to define it exactly in numerical terms. It depends on several variables, such as lifestyle, body composition and the quality of food proteins introduced. There are physiological conditions that increase protein requirements such as the stages of growth and development, pregnancy and breastfeeding, the presence of trauma, burns, surgery, convalescence and intense sporting activity.

For example: a sedentary 60 kg person, who does office work and does not practice any physical activity, should consume 60x0.75 / 1g = 45/60 grams of protein per day.

The following table summarizes the indicative values by type of subject:


grams per kg of body weight


0,75 - 1 g/kg

Active people / endurance sports

1 - 1,5 g/kg

Children, pregnant or breastfeeding women

1,5 - 2 g/kg

Competitive athletes, strength sports

>2 g/kg

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