Innovation Revealed: Mitochondria

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Mitochondria was conceived with the aim of acting directly in cellular mitochondron and its innovative formula makes the product unique in the panorama of food supplementation.


PQQ, SOD, Luteolin, Quercitina Quercefit®, Coenzyme Q10 Ubiqsome® are the highest quality active ingredients contained in Mitochondria.


PQQ is a brand-new vitamin factor, the subject of very recent studies, which appears to be able to promote mitochondrial biogenesis and neutralization of free radicals.

The active ingredients of Mitochondria act to counteract the conditions of metabolic disorder associated with chronic inflammation, improve mitochondrial activity and represent an anti-fatigue support for endurance activities.


Mitochondrium is the cell's energy powerhouse, its efficiency is synonymous with health and vitality.

Mitochondria, promotes the transport of oxygen and cellular respiration, a key process for the functionality of the mitochondrion and for the well-being of the organism.

Among its potential, there is a highly anti-inflammatory function that protects against oxidative stress, often the cause of metabolic alterations capable of causing cell damage.


The fundamental role of Mitochondria lies in the ability to inactivate the formation of free radicals, the main causes of aging and the cause of various diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and other chronic diseases.


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