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How’s working?

● Ornitine Akg

● Carnosine and Beta-Alanine

Nolattico is a dietary supplement containing ornithine AKG, carnosine and Beta-Alanine; it is useful to antagonise the increase of toxins and lactic acid in the muscle following intense anaerobic physical exercise.

The presence of lactate, in particular, coincides with cell pH reduction and causes pain and burning sensations that hinder muscle activity and the continuation of exercise.

The Carnosine molecule is specifically designed to buffer the excess of muscle acidity and has a key antioxidant function, which protects the cell membranes’ integrity and efficiency during short and intense effort. It is particularly rich in type 2 fibres (white fibres), which are recruited to support lactacid anaerobic effort - that is rapid, intense and of short duration.

In turn, carnosine is made up of histidine and Beta-Alanine.

It has been proven that the increased intake of Beta-Alanine is associated to an increased concentration of carnosine in the muscles.

Post-workout intake of Beta-Alanine also boosts the GABA receptors and has the indirect effect of slowing down the nervous system, thus facilitating the recovery and relaxation phases.

Nolattico also contains a considerable dose of OKG, a particularly important and effective detoxifying amino acid that produces the ornithine amino acid and the alpha-ketoglutarate, both extremely precious to support the liver’s depurative activity and facilitate the expulsion of nitrogenous waste during exercise.

Such positive activity significantly helps tackling exercise-caused stress, delaying fatigue and recovering more rapidly.


Nolattico is suggested for athletes who practice short and intense anaerobic sports activities, to tackle fatigue and the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle.

Take 4 tablets a day, with a sip of water.

Excessive intake of the product in sensitive subjects can cause redness in the auricles, itching, skin rashes and paresthesias on the periphery of the limbs.

Nutritional Info
SIZE 60 tablets of 1300 mg.

Bulking agent: cellulose; Beta alanine, Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate, White willow (Salix alba L., bark) d.e. tit. 15% Salicin, L-Carnosine, Anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids and silicon dioxide.

Beta alanine375 mg1500 mg
Ornitine AKG250 mg1000 mg
Carnosine82,5 mg330 mg
White willow d.e.
    of which Salicin
150 mg
22,5 mg
600 mg
90 mg
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