Partnership with Team Wilier 7C Force

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Since 2019 Syform is partner of the new MTB Wilier 7C Force Team.

The team relies on the expert direction of Massimo Debertolis, in the dual role of team manager and athlete, and will be captained by Johnny Cattaneo from Bergamo.
The other bikers are Michael Wohlgemuth, Marco Rebagliati, Martino Tronconi and Ole Hem. While the satellite formation of Costa Rica, which completes the team, is made up of Luis Mejia, Gregory Brenes, Dyer Rincon, Jonathan Carballo and Dax Jaikel.

For further information, you can visit the official website of the Wilier 7C Force team.

After the first few months of using Syform natural supplements, we asked some of the guys what they think of our products.

The answers?

Massimo Debertolis
The team of experts who work in Syform always knows how to show us which is the right product and its use for every type of situation. In the pockets of my t-shirt, during long training sessions, the Sybar Shape Fit and Sybar Energy Fruit bars in all tastes can never be missing.

Johnny Cattaneo
There was an immediate affinity with Syform products! In our endurance sport, carbohydrates are the fuel that allows us to bring out our values ​​as an athlete. The Malto + line (Gel and Powder) was a great discovery; without it it would be useless to compete! For the amps, however, I found in Smarty the product that can help make a difference.

Martino Tronconi
I have been using and using, together with the whole team, the entire range of Syform products for two years. What I can say is that in addition to the excellent quality of the raw material, they are products designed and formulated for athletes, which is far from obvious in the context of integration. In competitions I could never do without the highly digestible Malto + Gel and Carbo Speed.

Marco Rebagliati
Among all the products we use (Carbo Speed, VO2, Reisprint, Malto +, Sybar, Competition ...) I personally have been impressed by the effectiveness of Smarty vials. For me they are a great product to take before the race to get into the right competitive race climate!

Ole Hem
I am very happy with Syform products. My favorite? The Malto +. I use it both in competition and for the toughest workouts. Thanks to Malto + I can get 60g of carbohydrates in each bottle, which is really unique. This for me means that I can go faster for longer.

Thanks guys and good luck!

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