Partnership with Training Project

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We are proud to announce the partnership with Lorenzo Taliento.

Graduated in Motor Sciences, Personal Trainer of professional athletes and expert in post-traumatic muscle recovery; specialized in physical training in basketball and lecturer at the University of Siena and the Italian Basketball Federation.
Lorenzo is the creator and creator of Training Project, an Italian company of excellence specialized in physical preparation and personal training.

Training Project ensures excellence in sports at every level, guarantees physical improvement and an increase in performance thanks to personalized work programs.

Furthermore, it helps those who train thanks to a support accessible from smartphones: the Training Project web app, designed to offer a one-to-one coaching service so as to be able to train where and when you want with personalized cards and customized according to the equipment available. .

The exercises to be performed are all available through demonstration videos and you can manage your recovery times and update your improvements.

Finally, to meet the needs of hotels and luxury centers, Training Project offers a patented and highly innovative service to improve the offer to the customer and differentiate themselves from the competition, equipping the fitness rooms with a 24-hour Remote Personal Training service 24 operational thanks to integrated demonstration videos.

Find out what Lorenzo says about us! Visit
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