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The products belonging to this section are particularly suitable for promoting both the energy processes during exertion and those of recovery, respecting the most natural metabolic physiology of the body.

Supplements should not be confused with drugs or doping products. However, they must be chosen intelligently and based on real physical needs. Food supplementation, in fact, if used correctly and customized according to individual needs, together with will, spirit of sacrifice and hard training, represents an excellent resource to support performance.

Balance / slow release “retard” proteins + lean mass + muscle efficiency
Diamond Whey / highest nutritional quality, fast protein
iPep / hydrolyzed milk protein
Friram / BCAA 2.1.1. KyowaQuality® biofermented
Essential 8+ / free essential amino acids
Synthesy / promotes muscle trophism
GL3 / glutamine, recovery and anti-fatigue

Carbo Speed / constant and prolonged energy
Glicogen / replenishes the body with glycogen
Smarty / charge and determination
Termogenic One / thermogenic fat burner

Optiwhey / whey protein isolate, concentrated, hydrolyzed
Nitrokic Power / precursor of pre-anabolic nitric oxide
Tribosid / pre-anabolic, virilizing
Thermo Xtreme / fat burner, and adrenaline

Mimiker / lipoic acid-banaba and chromium
Multivitamin / 27 micronutrients
Rosa C / a health juice
Efa Blu / Omega 3, EPA and DHA, cardiovascular protection
Alkalin / counteracts acidosis
Zincor / zinc and copper in synergy
Multi B 50 Complex / vitality and energy
Glut 4 / improves the workout
Matrix / post workout and competition recovery
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