Size: 90 x 1200 mg tablets

Art: 8388766159128

It is an extremely effective formula to accelerate metabolism and lose weight

Termogenic One contains standardised dry plant extracts with the maximum titration possible.

In particular, the Citrus aurantium used here is titrated at 10% in synephrine and contains other sympathomimetic amines (such as tyramine and hordenine) with thermogenic activity, and Coleus with 20% forskolin.

Its components act in perfect synergy and induce thermogenesis, a process that destroys fatty deposits to produce energy; thanks to its properties, it determines optimal energy yield and mental vitality, helping to take on a possible period of controlled nutrition in full force.

The active ingredients synephrine and forskolin stimulate the activity of the beta-adrenergic receptors, especially β2 and β3.

The latter are mainly present in the adipose tissue and induce the increase of cyclic AMP (cAMP) levels, which activity activates the lipase that degrades fats and leads them to oxidation.

Caffeine contributes to extending the activity of cAMP; naringin, obtained from the grapefruit’s skin, prolongs the activity of caffeine, thus reducing its degradation.

Its marked action on the cardiovascular system, especially on the alpha and beta-3 receptors, is not entirely selective, so that the product could cause high blood pressure, tachycardia and agitation.

Therefore it is important not to exceed the recommended dose.

Termogenic One is contraindicated for highly sedentary subjects and people with arterial hypertension and/or cardiovascular problems.


Termogenic One, if taken in combination with a controlled dietary regime, is indicated to facilitate weight loss, especially against fatty deposits.

Take 1 tablet a day, before meals, in the first part of the day.

Alternatively, before training.

Being the stimulating product, it could disturb sleep if taken in the evening.

Nutritional Info
INGREDIENTS: Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium L. subsp. bitter, immature fruit) e.s. tit. 10% Synephrine, Charging agents: Cellulose and dicalcium phosphate; White Willow (Salix alba L., bark) e.s. tit. 15% salicin, Coleus forskohli (Coleus forskohlii (willd.) Bricq, root) e.s. tit. 10% forskolin, Caffeine, Naringin, Anti-caking agents: Silicon dioxide and Magnesium stearate.