Size: 25 ml Vials

Art: 8388766159098

Smarty is a nerve tonic supplementhighly effective to boost concentration and the intellectual functions and to tackle any physical effort energetically.

For the general properties of caffeine, taurine and rhodiola, see the description available for the product in tablet form.

The product in single dose vial form is further enhanced by the presence of arginine aspartate and high-dose acetyl-carnitine.

These two amino acids improve circulatory and neural functions and heart tone.

The presence of yerba mate increases the nerve effect and resistance to fatigue.

The new version in shot form is further enriched with ginseng soft extract, one of the most effective anti-stress adaptogens known today.

Ginseng is a great anti-stress agent with cortisone-like action, capable of modulating the organism’s response to stress, stimulating or reducing it according to specific needs.

It has an overall energetic, anti-fatigue, revitalising and aphrodisiac action.

It favourably influences some psychical and neurovegetative disorders.

This simultaneously ensures an improvement of both the inhibitory and excitatory processes. 

In addition, it has a regulatory action on carbohydrate metabolism, especially so in the hyperglycaemic states, enhancing insulin’s action and therefore accelerating the intracellular penetration of glucose.

It increases smooth muscle tone and contractility, especially at the level of the splanchnic organs and blood vessels.

Its liquid form ensures more rapid absorption of its active ingredients.

For this reason, Smarty vials results much more practical and effective during sports activities that require a high level of psychophysical performance.


Smarty is indicated to tackle fatigue, apathy, poor response to stimuli; to improve concentration during study and boost performance in sports activities.

Take 1 vial 30-40 minutes before any activity whose performance you want to improve.

Nutritional Info
INGREDIENTS: Water, Fructose, Currant juice, L-Arginine aspartate, Carnitine tartrate, AcetylCarnitine, Taurine, Rhodium (Rhodiola rosea L., root) e.s. tit. 3% rosavine, maté (Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hill., leaves) e.s. tit. 3.6% Xanthine, Soy lecithin, Caffeine anhydrous, Aroma currant, preservative: potassium sorbate.