Energy Kit

Size: Proteins, Amino Acids and Micronutrients with FREE Shaker

Art: Energy Kit

Energy Kit is ideal for counteracting feelings of weakness and apathy and improving concentration in study or work and performance in sport.

The three products included in the kit are:

Balance: produced with the best raw materials on the market, it is a prolonged release protein blend. Composed of 50% Irish whey protein isolate obtained by microfiltration process, and 50% instant calcium caseinate. Balance has a high biological value, provides a high sense of satiety and is perfect in all situations where a prolonged aminoacidemia is required. It is ideal like nutritious protein snack to be consumed between the main meals.

Citrogen: is a blend of Creatine, Aminoacids and Mineral Salts with a very high pro-energetic action. It counteracts asthenia and muscle weakness and replenishes the mineral salts lost due to excessive sweating, during the summer season or a training session.

Multi B50 Complex: contains all the B Vitamins, obtained from natural sources which support the functioning of the nervous system, help muscle tone, and transform carbohydrates into glucose, essential for giving energy to our body. For this reason, it is suitable for active people to guarantee them the maintenance of good vitality and energy and to counteract phenomena of physical and intellectual fatigue.


Energy Kit is indicated to ensure the maintenance of good vitality and energy, counteracting the conditions of physical and intellectual fatigue. It is also indicated in case of convalescence and rehabilitation, in the nutrition of the elderly or in the case of physical and intense activity, conditions in which the nutritional consumption is insufficient to cover the daily needs.

Method of consumption:

  • Balance: take, as needed, up to 20 g per day (equal to 2 level scoops) dissolved in 200 ml of water or other liquid, preferably between main meals, enriching a mid-morning or afternoon snack
  • Citrogen: 1 sachet 2 times a day, preferably in the first part of the day, away from meals
  • Multi B50 Complex: 1 tablet per day, preferably after a meal
Nutritional Info


  • Balance: Instant calcium caseinate, Whey protein isolate (contain emulsifier: soy lecithin), Flavors, Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; Sweetener: sucralose, Enzymix® (enzymes from maltodextrins fermented by Aspergillus oryzae) Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride).
  • Citrogen: Creatine monohydrate, l-Arginine aspartate, Creatine citrate, Taurine, l-Glutamine (Kyowa Quality®), Potassium citrate, beta-Alanine, Magnesium citrate, Acidity regulator: sodium and potassium hydrogen carbonates; Acidifier: citric acid; Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide; Flavoring, Sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame K.
  • Multi B50 Complex: Corn starch, Bulking agent: cellulose; Alpha alpha (Medicago sativa L., aerial parts) d.e., Choline bitartrate, Spirulina [Spirulina platensis (Gomont) Geitler, thallus] d.e., Inositol, para-aminobenzoic acid (Paba), Pollen powder, Chlorophyll powder, Bioflavonoids from citrus fruits d.e. tit. 35% hesperidin, Niacin (nicotinamide), Anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids and silicon dioxide; Calcium pantothenate (Vit. B5), Thiamine hydrochloride (Vit. B1), Riboflavin (Vit. B2), Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit. B6), Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12), Pteroyl-monoglutamic acid (Folic acid), Biotin.