Syform was born in 1999 from the research and formulation of natural food supplements for sport and well-being by Leopoldo Moretto. The company takes shape from the path and passion of Doctor Moretto, pharmacist, since his youth is committed to helping athletes and people to regain the balance between mind and body.

Thanks to the experience gained, the prestigious collaborations with universities, nutritionists and experts in the field, Syform achieves goals of the highest level becoming an official partner and supplier of teams and athletes of international scope.

The characteristic that has always distinguished for quality and effectiveness Syform products is the closeness between brand and research formulation in the laboratory; elements that coincide both in the figure of Leopoldo and in the company structure.

Thirty years ago only the imagination of the best scientists, pushed by the desire to reveal the invisible, could penetrate the vibrant life of our cells where organelles tirelessly float and non-stop chemical reactions move in unison to generate life. Biochemistry was practically a blank page with very little to read about. Now, thanks to science and technology, that page has been has been filled with surprising discoveries that allow us to understand and intervene in the origin of these processes. We have understood how consuming a lot of plant and animal-based micronutrients with one’s diet is essential to maintaining this wonderful cellular action.

Syform’s plan is to propose, in its formulations, these micronutrients in their most bioavailable form, in the most stable and effective combinations, with correct dosages and without hesitation or limits, convinced of the extraordinary potential they have to lead us on a path towards a better and longer life.

It is what inspires us, the absolute proof of every intuition and our imagination, the assurance of the quality of a journey.
Science breeds innovation.

It is the way we explore the nature of things. Knowledge combined with wisdom, transparency and balance characterise the innate identity of all animate and inanimate forms of life, supplying us with the right motivation to carry out the Syform mission.

Science and knowledge, strength and the perfection of nature, we like bringing the richness of natural ingredients together in new recipes with balanced formulations which respect the chemistry of every substance and enhance the potential synergy.

It is the culmination of all our journeys, the final goal with an unexpected view, the ethical solution able to fill a gap, the balancing of forces between sports and daily life.

When you are or want to be an athlete and perform at your best, when you feel that something is wrong in the hustle and bustle of your life and you want to restore balance, Syform has an answer for all your needs with scientifically-inspired food supplements which are the result of the combination of raw materials and healthy and natural, high-level formulations.

The mitochondrion (from the Greek μίτος [mítos], "thread", and χόѵδрος [chóndros], "granule", "grain-like") is an elongated, cellular organelle which has an important role in cellular respiration. Its origin is primordial and mysterious. ATP, the energy of life, is generated within it. For this reason, we like to call the human body’s “Sun”. The mitochondrion is our central force which uses oxygen which means life; the absence of cellular oxygen generates inflammation, cellular dysfunction, apoptosis or cell death.

The number and efficiency of the mitochondria are particularly important in the new frontier of anti-aging medicine. Have greater mitochondrial density means having greater energy potential and good cell function.

The life of mitochondria is very delicate because of the high number of molecules and chemical reactions within it. In fact, it has been discovered that mitochondrial DNA mutations can reduce lifespan, cause precocious aging and brain malformations.

Some studies show that several health problems tied to aging can be the result of mitochondrial dysfunction.
Syform considers the mitochondrion the symbol of life; being able to contribute to its functionality and efficiency means contributing to the uniqueness and irreplaceable nature of Man.

Nature has always represented the primary source of provisions for man, both food and other remedies like medicinal plant capable of treating trauma, physical disorders and illnesses.

In recent years, thanks to science, knowledge and technology and the ever-growing motivation for a better quality and expectancy of life, we have understood how numerous precious natural ingredients are often difficult to assimilate as they are. Therefore, they require the use of totally sustainable and safe technology to become bioavailable.

Many phytocompounds, for example flavonoids like Quercitin and Epigallocatechin (EGCG), which for their size and characteristics do not mix well with oil and water, are not absorbed by the intestine. Other compounds like the curcuminoids in Curcuma are complex and unstable, multiple-unit structures which must be isolated and partially transformed to achieve their potential beneficial action.

Syform goes to the heart of natural extracts, passionately and rigorously selecting the raw materials which guarantee major stability, bioavailability and effectiveness based on clinical studies.

Moreover, Syform is very meticulous in the evaluation of many other parameters which characterise the active ingredients: the particle size according to use in powder or tablets, the presence of contaminants like heavy metals, for example arsenic, solvents, pesticides, aflatoxins, all to ensure the complete healthiness of our formulations.

Recently, thanks to a greater awareness of the importance of environmental protection, we are progressively introducing new sustainability criteria. This has lead us to select worldwide, raw materials suppliers dedicated to sustainable protocols, the leitmotif of our future of new radical development choices.


We have selected the best animal and plant-based sources of proteins, always putting the following criteria first: nutritional value, digestibility, solubility, molecular integrity, reduced fat and lactose content, absence of gluten and other potentially harmful components.

ISOLAC: the best protein source from a bio-nutritional point of view, rich in essential amino acids, easily soluble, very fat and lactose content <1%, gluten-free, extracted using top technology.

OPTIPEP DH4 90: is a source of highly bio-nutritional, hydrolysed whey protein which contains optimal levels of essential amino acids in the form of dipeptides and tripeptides, small amino acid molecules that are immediately available to the body’s use.

PROATEIN: PrOatein is a natural protein concentrate from Nordic oats obtained through a gentle separation process without using solvents or chemicals. PrOatein, like the oat grain it comes from, contains significant amounts of amino acids, which are important for muscle growth and repair. PrOatein has good wettability and non-stick qualities. As an excellent alternative to other protein sources, it can also be used in vegan products.

Amino acids

For years, Syform has been using Kyowa®. amino acids obtained through bio-fermentation (bacterial fermentation), a natural method which does not make use of chemical synthesis. As a source of creatine, we have always used Creapure® 200 mesh, highly purified, micronized creatine which, in 20 years, has never presented any non-compliancy problems.


We use Roquette maltodextrins, Palatinose® isomaltulose and we have recently introduced Agenanova complex carbohydrates by Agrana; among which an amylopectin from corn, highly soluble and stable and able to guarantee proper blood sugar levels making it suitable for diabetics.


The bioavailabity of minerals and trace elements is highly dependent on the type of mineral they are administered with. Magnesium salts like oxide, or calcium salts like phosphate, often used as magnesium and calcium supplements, are practically insoluble and not bioavailable. So who does it benefit? In Syform, we only use digestible minerals like Traacs® bisglycinate, glycerophosphate, in the form of monomethionine and soluble minerals like potassium chloride. Sunactive® is a microencapsulated, iron-based ingredient which guarantees a stable source of iron in serum and high levels of hemoglobin regeneration.

Plant extracts

For the selection of plant extracts, we always prefer the concepts of standardization and titration. Standard means that the extract maintains stable production and chemical-physical characteristics in time. Titration means that they contain specific active ingredients we have chosen to achieve the desired action. Laboratory tests are need to be sure of the certainty of these parameters; for example, Milk Thistle must contain 80% of silymarin and 30% of silibinin, its active ingredients; Quercefit, the phytosome extract able to make Quercetin, a very important active ingredient, available. As a source of Curcuma, we have selected the Meriva di Indena brand, which uses phytosomes, a unique and patented pharmaceutical technology to make curcumin bioavailable and effective.


Among the best and note-worthy ingredients used are:
Ubiquisome: CoQ10 phytosome, an Indena brand and patent able to make the Q10 coenzyme, poorly soluble or digestible due to its chemical nature, available to the body
Thioactive: a very rare, highly purified, solvent-free lipoic acid
OmegaVie – Polaris fish oil, from oceanic areas with little pollution, non-invasive fishing methods, highly purified through triple molecular distillation and stable, tritated in omega-3 fatty acids in the form of triglycerides, their natural form compared to ethyl esters.
We have chosen Basf for the vitamins due to its quality standards.

Generally, in Syform, our quality guidelines have always been the basis for our goals of perfection.

The formulation of a supplement not only includes the presence of effective active ingredients, but also the complementary absence of potentially dangerous molecules like solvents, aflatoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, bacterial pathogens and the issuance of certifications among which GMO, BSE, IRRADIATION, NANOMATERIAL, doping-free or tested.

Quality is the basis for all our projects.