Partnership from 2010 until 31.8.2015

Country: different

Sport: swimming


The first project in Italy aimed at international great swimmers . He was born in September 2005 from an idea of the Italian coach Andrea Di Nino borrowed from his professional experience in the United States , working two years in Florida with Michael Lohberg , participating among other things as a technician at the Athens Olympics 2004. This program is aimed at providing all the necessary services to the athletes to compete at a high level from technical support to the management, the athlete is supported by a team of specialists constantly striving to enhance the commercial potential of their performance. In addition to providing services properly sports – managerial , ADN Swim Project is working towards his athletes to solve every problem and not burocratic , showing – sport extra, attention to the interests of the swimmers with the satisfaction of cultural needs , study and even to leisure time activities : any time ” outside swimming pool ” is , if the situation so require or athletes , assisted by the staff completely.